Article One of the United States Constitution
The Sacrifice of Others

When we can't rely upon the chain of custody for evidence needed to prove that a crime took place, I return to one who, dangling by the passages we use to communicate with, taught me that we will die teaching the lesson we were meant to learn.

Our judgement is human, and - forgiveness - a lonely refuge, but limits to our constitutional freedom of expression are preventing us from the opportunity to prosecute the crime it intends to prevent. When advocacy for lawlessness results in a lynching, and nothing has been done about it, the people commit the crime by pointing to the inflammatory media used to incite it.

The tolerance we've been shown has resulted from the efforts of those who've preceded us, and the skills we've been taught ought to be treated as a faculty we need to cultivate.

Teaching us our Folly

And, we didn't know the extent of the contempt we faced because we were incapable of bearing it, but the heart beats of its own accord, and breath is drawn without a thought or care. Duress, like hatred exists! To ignore that fact, and deny others the lesson it teaches would render us gutless as well. We do not condemn life and the living, and when we're not welcome, we make way!

The hateful young men we've encountered have developed by way of demonstrations intended to mock the injustice we live with. We turned the focus of our attention upon ourselves to determine what happened when we lost consciousness. The shock of exposure we struggle to control blacked us out, and we were unable to control our reactions to seemingly innocuous things. We sensed we had lost our way, but had no memory of the offense.

Getting the Word Out

Sentences can be broken, but the truth runs clean clear through to itself. And corruption of documentation, or evidence of the fact that our contracts have been violated, teach us the limits of our freedom all by themselves. We use new examples to teach the consequences of failing to do so. Even if what we've been taught fails, such as abiding by lawful behavior, keeping a log and using evidence to support it will continue to teach us all again - not to be harmful.

We can't blame the children with their pleas! One who spoke in the very beginning used words similar to these to express outrage about our reluctance to accept Him! And our opportunity to evolve may have been compromised by our own adaptations. So, our leadership changes, and our cultural norms change with them.