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A Fibonacci Spiral Approaching Certainty

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Concern about unauthorized changes to content (perhaps as a result of the need to do so) resulted in reports at GitHub, and Lexsynergy as the perimeter of this Trust’s security continued to limit possible influences to its discrete set of copyrights. Changes made to a famous quote may have caused this problem early on in the development of this corporation, so some who deign to acknowledge the participation of others (who may sometimes be referred to with less respectful language), are persistent about determining the truth. Anonymity, used to protect neutral parties, cannot be afforded those laying blame of any kind but, the use of electronic names allowed worldwide distribution of claims and compromised the ability of jurisdictions to protect and defend their people.

Problems that result from Acts of God however, or circumstances that we’ve determined were not based upon malice, contempt or harmful intent - like those with good will - cannot be prosecuted for an Act of God. At worst, we suffered interrogations for an unseemly length of time and at best, the poverty resulting taught us our need for God; to try to prevent God from fulfilling God’s will might be construed wrongly.

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Physical restraint, such as those used by hospitals all over our country, are being used to restrain patients from the opportunity to check on their children. And children in our hospitals die in restraints that are too tight; presumably because staff failed to check their circulation at night. Because patients are forcibly drugged, restrained and probed by electronic means as adults to determine what motivated their behavior as children (or to learn how to control it), legal advocacy isn’t available; the length of time is considered too long to be verifiable, so physicians intervene by way of trauma inflicted beyond recall to contain it, and current efforts to report on the investigations are disrupted and interfered with to exercise a new more ubiquitous and less harmful means of control than the previous human intervention. Please see also: Log

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